V-Force Twin

$50.00 - $120.00


Packaging Configurations

V-Force Twin combines the three most important features for successful bonding: consistency, versatility, and strength. It eliminates sensitivity, provides exceptional bond strengths, and superior long-term performance.
There are only 2 procedures to learn and V-Force Twin is recommended for use in all bonding protocols without the need for extra materials or steps. It is not thickness dependent and results in a 6 – 8 micron layer after application. This makes it ideal for indirect restorations where adhesive thickness can cause fit issues.
V-Force Twin etches enamel as well as 37% phosphoric acid gel etch (See SEM images below).
etch-37     etch-simplicity
This level of etch eliminates concerns about enamel bonding and ensures long-term margin integrity.
Kit includes: (1) 6mL bottle of Twin 1, (1) 6mL bottle of Twin 2, 1 box Microbrush tips (50 tips), 1 box Ultrabrush tips (50 tips), two handles for Microbrush and Ultrabrush tips, and one dual cavity well
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