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Purify+ is an aqueous cleanser that has been designed to remove all contaminants from the surface of a tooth prior to bonding. These contaminants include such things as: tooth debris, temporary cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, handpiece oil, imaging powder, etc.
Along with cleansing the surface, Purify+ will act as an etchant to enhance the bond strength of any adhesive system. The usage ensures exceptional margins, eliminates micro-leakage and results in a superior restoration. While cleaning and etching, it also disinfects the surfaces being treated, thus kills the bacteria that can lead to recurrent decay.
Used in conjunction with a single bottle adhesive system, it can improve bond strengths by up to 33%.
  • Cleansing dentin and enamel surfaces
  • Removing imaging powder from all surfaces
  • Disinfecting tooth surfaces
  • Etching tooth structure for improved adhesion and long-term results
Single syringe kit includes: 1 syringe and 5 tips
5 syringe kit includes: 5 syringes and 25 tips
Use Spira-Flo™ Brush Tips for Purify+ Gel
Use Exacta-Flo™ Brush Tips for Purify+ Liquid
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