Porcelain Etch

$17.45 - $38.80


Packaging Configurations

Viscous 9.5% Hydrofluoric Acid Solution. For porcelain veneers and inlays prior to cementation or repairs.
  • Viscous solution
  • Rinses clean away
  • Includes adjustable Spira-Flo™ brush tips with curved cannula for optimal entry
  • Silane solution used after etchant enhances the bonding of resin material
Standard Kit Includes:
(2) 1.2mL prefilled etch syringes
(2) 1.2mL prefilled silane syringes
(25) Spira-Flo™ brush tips
Porcelain Etch Refill Kit Includes:
(2) or (4) 1.2mL prefilled etch syringes
(25) Spira-Flo™ brush tips
Silane Refill Includes:
(4) 1.2mL prefilled silane syringes
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