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OmniEtch is the only material that allows a doctor to prepare ceramics, dentin and enamel in one simple application step. OmniEtch achieves this without the use of hydrofluoric acid so it is safe to use intraorally. When doing a repair intraorally, it eliminates the guesswork associated with deciding whether to first etch exposed tooth structure or the ceramic material.
OmniEtch is a 2-component system that is activated immediately prior to use to ensure peak performance at the time of delivery. This ensures your solutions are always fresh at the time of use.
  • Prepares ceramics without the use of hydrofluoric acid leading to safer application
  • Easy to apply. Obvious indicators of when the solution is ready for use and when it is no longer active
OmniEtch Kit includes: (2) 3mL bottles of material, applicators, and a mixing well
Use with our Regular Blue Micro Applicator Brushes
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