NiTi SuperFlex™




The patented NiTi SuperFlex™ is the “Gold Standard” for endodontic irrigation tips. Ideal dental tip for use with Vista Dental’s complete line of endodontic solutions.
SuperFlex™ tips are slotted and side-vented for safe irrigation
  • 2.5X more flexible
  • Longer life cycle with less clogging
  • 30ga nickel-titanium irrigating needle tips
  • Adjustable needle angle for maximum flexibility
  • AUTOCLAVABLE for cost-effective repeated use
17mm / Short (6/Cup)      25mm / Long (6/Cup)
Mixed Pack Includes:
(4) Short and (2) Long


Superflex by Riccardo ToniniWe love NiTi for shaping our canals following natural curvatures. Today is also possible rinse with NiTi SuperFlex,by Vista dental, in a smooth way, without clogging the tip on an external wall of the canal. Deeper,smoother and better

Posted by Style Italiano Endodontics on Sunday, July 8, 2018