Bone Surgery Tips – EMS®* Style

$74.75 - $351.00



Series OS™ Tips – Ideal for root extractions and impacted teeth
SL1-V – Osteotomy
  • Saw intended for cutting of cortical bone in surgical orthodontics, pre-implant surgery, and bone distraction
SL4-V – Osteoplasty Scalpel
  • Curved scalpel particularly effective for substantial osseous reshaping
BCL-V – Osteotomy
  • Left-oriented bone saw used for cutting the ramus cortical bone
BCR-V – Osteotomy
  • Right-oriented bone saw used for cutting the ramus cortical bone
BC6F-V – Special Micro-Saw 0.35mm (4 Teeth)
  • Osteotomy technique in maxilla and mandible, ridge expansion, corticotomy technique and bone block grafting
BS4-V – Osteoplasty Scalpel
  • Circular scalpel at 130° for osteoplasty and harvesting of bone particles or chips
Basic Surgery System Kit
  • Includes: SL-V, SL1-V, SL2-V, SL3-V, SL4-V, Insert Tray
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