Appli-Vac™ 3/4″ Bendables




3/4” Bendable Tips
Our bendable 3/4” Appli-Vac™ is the ideal application tips for sealants, irrigating, aspirating, air / water delivery, flowable composites, etchants, resins, primers and more! Ideal tips for application and aspiration.
  • Blunt end, dead-soft needle resists crimping
  • Extended 3/4” length for pockets, fistulas and surgical sites
  • Universal luer lock style hub
Gauges available:
16ga (White)     18ga (Pink)     19ga (Brown)     20ga (Yellow)     22ga (Black)     25ga (Blue)
Compare to Ultradent®*: Endo-Eze®* – up to 61% Savings!