New Products

Material Enhancers

Purify + & Purify + Gel syringes

Purify +

Cleanser & etchant improves bond strengths of universal bonding systems by up to 33%. Read more ...



Wetting resin designed to eliminate tackiness when manipulating composite. Read more ...

Desensify w/Well & Applicators


Desensitizes INSTANTLY! MMP inhibitor, improving bond longevity. Read more ...

Bonding Agent

V-Force Solo 4mL Bottle

V-Force Solo

A universal single bottle, light-cure only, adhesive system. Read more ...

Ceramic Suite

OmniEtch Kit


Ceramic etch and silane in one. Read more ...

VistaCORE Kit


Core build-up and luting material with convenient gel phase for easy clean-up. Read more ...

Material Saving Technology

MST Visco-Tip™

MST Visco-Tip™

The unique design minimizes the internal volume of the tip, greatly reducing waste, up to 87%! Read more ...

Hemostatic Agent

Quick-Stat™ Liquid

Quick-Stat™ Liquid

15.5% Ferric Sulfate aqueous based solution. Achieves profound hemostasis in seconds. Read more ...